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Adopt A Greyhound

Most people start their Greyhound Adoptions search on the Internet. They will type in, Adopt Greyhound, Adopt A Greyhound, Greyhound Adoptions, Greyhound Adopting, Greyhounds for Adoption or Greyhound Adoption Program. We hope that one of these words will bring you to us. Because we have the Best of the Best in Greyhound Adoption.

Greyhound Rescue

New Dogs Coming In
The National Greyhound Foundation, begins with the rescue. But that is just the start of our Greyhound Adoption Program. Our Greyhounds for Adoption then get a through medical exam and then 3 months of love training making our Greyhounds for Adoption, the Best of the Best.

With our Greyhound Adoption Partners we can give you help in your area. Of course we at our Greyhound Adoptions office are here to help you with your greyhound adoption for as long as we are needed.

  • You will be working with the BEST OF THE BEST in Greyhound Adoption Organizations - Nationwide.
  • When You Adopt a Greyhound you will gain a new Best Friend that will change your life.
  • We strive to ensure your Greyhound Adoption will be a "perfect fit" to your family lifestyle.
  • Your Adopted Greyhound will be socialized into home living through our Prison Foster Care System. The Inmates have taken the work out of Greyhound Adoptions and replaced it with love.
  • You will be contacted within 24 hours via phone or email to start your greyhound adoption process.
  • When you Adopt A Greyhound from us it will be registered in our national LOST & FOUND database.

Greyhound Rescue

Purple Heart Greyhound Therapy
Also if you are interested in helping a Veteran adopt a greyhound, we have Purple Heart Greyhound Therapy Greys now in training.

Greyhound Adoption Information

Not everyone can adopt a greyhound. For many reasons from improper dog environments to having to many pets already to a busy schedule and more. If you still would like to help greyounds and other people who would like to adopt a greyyound, you can help by helping The National Greyound Foundation help rescue, provide medical care and train greyhounds in preparation for other people who can are prime candidates for Greyhound Adoptions. If you are unable to have a real friend - you can still be a friend and help keep a Greyhound Alive as well as helping the entire greyhound adopting process. Please help us by donating towards our efforts.

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Note: To get better servive please state your city and state.

donate to greyhoundsHelp us in our efforts to rescue greyhounds, provide medical care for rescued greyhounds, train rescued greyhounds and find adoption placements for greyounds. Click here to donate now.

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