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Pumpkin Pie Special Needs Fund
Giving HOPE to the HOPELESS

My name is Pumpkin Pie! Mama Bev says I was such a special dog, her real soul mate. When I went to Rainbow Bridge last year, she set up a Special Program for my Greyhound brothers and sisters that need help. Right now, my sister Jackie has CANCER, and Trapper Jan has a BROKEN LEG (she just came off the track), Prancer is suffering from HEARTWORMS, Honey is going BLIND and needs a new eye, and then there's always the Rescues that come in all the time. My new program is providing financial help and medical care when its needed.

This year we're spotlighting Prancer and Honey, two very special dogs for special people. Below you can meet them, enjoy them, rejoice with them and cry with them. Because of you, they are still alive and in their foster homes. Their wish for the new year is a special "Forever Home". Thank you so much.

Shot, Abandoned, Starved, finds Love!

My name is Prancer. I've been shot, chased, hated and abandoned! I've run and run, till I can't run any more. I'm an 11 year old senior retired racer. No one knows where I came from but me and since I can't talk "human", I have a hard time telling them. My prayers have finally been answered! I've been through a really rough time in my life and I've prayed that someone would come along and save me. And then one day when I had just about given up hope, I was rescued!

Click here to read my story.

Discarded Senior, Blind in one eye.

My name is Honey. Nine years ago the Greyhound Foundation found me the most wonderful home with a new Greyhound sister named Sheba. We lived together for nine years and then I started going blind. One day my daddy decided he couldn't keep me any more. His new wife to be didn't like me so he turned me back in to the Foundation. I was so scared and lonely and sick. I missed my sister Sheba, and my Daddy.

Click here to read my story.

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