Food4Pets Project

The NGF has spent 26years rescuing and finding “forever” homes for over 11,000 retired racing greyhounds.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created the greatest challenge this year, for not only greyhounds in a closing Industry, but, other families and their pets.  The Food4Pets project is our latest program helping not only greyhounds but other AT RISK pets.  Watching television during my quarantine, everyone was feeding people.  I did not see anyone feeding pets that were losing their homes, because their owners could not afford to keep them.

I went to bed with a heavy heart and woke up with a dream.  The   Food4pets Project was born, dedicated to providing pet food to financially-challenged families, in an ongoing effort to keep pets in their homes with the families they love.

Help Make A Difference

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic began and I started researching the Food4Pets Project, I found that major animal shelters were receiving over 50 dogs every day for various reasons.

That’s  only one shelter.  We have seven major Shelters in Florida, plus every county has a shelter, plus numerous rescue organizations.  Do the numbers.  At 50 dogs per day in seven major shelters that’s over 9800 dogs per month plus cats.! 

It breaks my heart to see these loving animal lose their “forever” homes and the families they love, only to be surrendered to an animal shelter where they will likely be euthanized.

I could not sit in my quarantined home one more day and do nothing!

I laid out a VISION PLAN, setup a starting Goal of 1000 Pet families in Florida, and hit the phone calling on volunteers to help, with the question HOW DO WE REACH THAT GOAL!

We opened the program with my Federal stimulus  check. Our son donated his Stimulus check to help get the word and my husband donated his Stimulus check to a first responder family that needed help. And that was the beginning.

But to reach our goal,

1000 Pet Family Donors are urgently needed.

Now is the time to ask all pet friends to step up and help us save the lives of these pets and keep them with the families they love.

Please Join me now and help save their lives,,,,click here.

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