The 2nd Chance At Life

On January 1, 2019, The NGF created Phase #3 of our 2 nd Chance at Life Program.

The Second Chance at Life, Greyhound Retirement Program! Benefiting Registered Racing Greyhounds, Greyhound Kennel Operator/Owners and Greyhound Adoption Groups who can register their Greyhounds and apply for Retirement Funds for any Greyhound, through the Grant Program. Funds will be available to Financially Care For, House, Feed, Provide Medicines and Medical Care where needed plus Transportation to Out of State Groups, and Provide Marketing to the public to help reach families and get them adopted into “Forever Homes.”

Registered Kennel Operators, Owners, Greyhound Adoption Groups must register their greyhounds and can apply for their Greyhound’s Retirement Assistance, by applying for a grant during our granting period listed below.

You as a”Guardian Angel” will be this programs main source of revenue! This money will allow thousands of Greyhounds to be properly cared for and delivered to their Forever Homes. Your support is needed!

Industry Participation Grant

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Grant Program begins January 2020 as long as funds are available.

Industry Participation Grant
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