I'm working on my greyhounds, starting a movement to SAVE THE GREYHOUND BREED. They are fast becoming an endangered species at the rate we are going.

When 5,407,543 People voted in FL. to stop greyhound racing, they didn't realize they were killing 6,171 greyhound puppies that would never be born. They wanted to stop the cruelty, not to destroy the whole breed.

Now I'm going to ask those same 5,407,543 people to help me save the breed. Ferd wanted this so much and I'm working to make it happen. In the new program, I'm asking supporters to give $10 or whatever they can, a month in recurring donations, to help us make this happen by creating the need for these dogs through our program.

These gentle animals have so much to give to mankind and improve our lives. We have discovered talents they have which not every dog is capable of doing, especially anything to do with a person's emotions, No one had thought of them except as racing dogs, until our program 2nd CHANCE AT LIFE GREYHOUND PARTNERSHIPS, showed they could be TRAINED AS THERAPY DOGS & SERVICE DOGS for our Veterans: Rehabilitating throwaway PRISON INMATES teaching them about Love, Forgiveness, and parenting: Training them as MEDICAL DOGS FOR DIABETES, AUTISM, and MENTAL HEALTH problems and numerous other jobs benefiting mankind, aside from the fact they make wonderful pets.

Become a Greyhound Guardian Angel with Monthly Giving the Life Blood for all our programs

Why It Matters
Protectors are our super supporters committed to sustaining our mission to rescue, adopt, protect and educate the world about abused people, and pets all year round through recurring gifts.

Planning for the Future
Sustained donations provide a consistent, reliable income stream, allowing us to expand our programs and impact strategies knowing we have your support along the way.

Your Budget lets us grow
Whatever your monthly gift, its impact grows over time, allowing you to make a bigger difference. Plus, you can cancel or pause your monthly gift at any time.

Your Gifts Build a Community
As a Greyhound Guardian Angel, you will be joining a group of likeminded supporters looking to make a real positive impact in the world. You will receive regular updates and stories showing you firsthand the results of your

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