UKRAINE Refugees and PETS program: a 2nd Chance at Life partnership

March 6, 2022:

Homosassa Florida, Corporate Office

The National Greyhound Foundation announces the UKRAINE REGUGEES and PETS program in partnership with the 2 nd Chance at Life program, 4CharityNFTS, Poland Food Banks, Organizations and other needy partnerships helping these animals and people in jeopardy.

We provide cash assistance, food, and other animal services with partners as needed,

Many years ago we created the 2nd Chance at Life Greyhound and Prison partnership program caring for thousands of throw away people and greyhounds and other abused animals that no one wanted.

Today the NGF celebrates an extension of that program by helping the UKRAINE People and Pets in Jeopardy.

100% of net proceeds received through our 4CharityNFT program and our 2ndChanceatLife:UKRAINE REFUGEES AND PETS partnership and our other programs will go to the NGF to be distributed to our partners organizations. Donations will be accepted in: Bank transfers, Paypal, Credit Cards, Checks, or crypto currency on the website until then.

This program is created in honor of my husband, NGF Board Member and partner, Ferd who wanted me to go forward with this program as he lays in a hospital bed recovering from a massive stroke last week. Please end your prayers for his speedy recovery as you give to help these UKRAINE REFUGEEES and their PETS.

Thank you, Beverly Sebastian and her greyhound friends.

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My name is Karyna and I'm from Ukraine. Because of the war my family was forced to leave Ukraine. We have 3 dogs, two of them (Laura and Gabby)  left with our dad in Odessa (it's impossible to leave Ukraine for man under 60), and we found Laura 4 years ago in the street, so as Gabby (she is one year and a half). The third one is Molly, she is small and that's why it was possible to take her with us. 

We had a very difficult way, it took one week to get to Italy and Molly did a great job, it seemed like she understand everything!

If there anything you can help us with, it would be so perfect.

I also have attached some photos of the dogs and there is me and my sis on some, and also including Molly during the way.

Thank you so much, Kind regards, Karyna.

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My name is Lera.

Currently I’m in Odessa with my sister. We have two cats. And also have adopted one more, because Santa’s owner decided to leave without him.

And we are taking care of two dogs that were also abandoned, they are very scared and don’t trust us yet.

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I’m Andrew and I’m in Kyiv for now.

My two sisters have moved to Moldova to wait until everything is over. And my mom and dad went to Germany, because dad needs to continue to get chemotherapy.

I have a cat called Alba, and need some help for keep taking care of her.

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My name is Igor.

I have two beautiful dogs - Gabby and Laura. For now, I’m in Odessa and my family has moved to a safe place. Both of the dogs we have found

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