Every Day At The Border, Pets are Left Alone Without Food or Shelter. Taken from their owners in desperation.

Their Dogs Stuck With Them On The Perilous Journey To The US, Only To Get Separated At The Border

HAPPY—-the greyhound whose life was the inspiration for the National Greyhound Foundation. Will you join us as we honor HAPPY’S Legacy by supporting the BORDER DOGS rescue?

BORDER DOGS rescue program: a 2nd Chance at Life partnership

First I want to thank you all for helping me with the last emergency plea for the UKRANIAN pets in need.    Occasionally I come out  from greyhound heaven and face the reality of NEWS TELEVISION and what is going on in the world, I wake up to be hit with another emergency….the BORDER DOGS crisis happening on our United States border.

If you’re reading this letter, it means you’re probably at home, comfortable and safe from whatever forecast is on the horizon.

It might also mean you have a pet either by your side or nearby. 

Imagine one day that security vanished.

What if one day you and your family had to flee your home for your life Amidst  a terrifying situation of gunshots, Missiles and flames.

 I sincerely hope this never happens to you, Like the over 2000 migrants coming to the United States every day.  Please take a moment to understand such a sad situation, when after your  terrible journey, finally reaching the border and swimming the RIO GRAND RIVER, a U.S Federal agent tells you that  you must leave your most treasured pet behind, that it could not come with you into the US, but had to stay on the river bank.  Imagine that poor animals face , the fear in its eyes, as you walked away.  I don’t know about you, but I would freak out!

After seeing news of the gruesome images of  these starving  Border Dogs abandoned  at the border,  brought to my attention by a brave NY journalist bucking the establishment, it was more than I could stand.   After  witnessing all the immigrants and the pets that were abandoned, the National Greyhound Foundation decided once again that inactivity was simply not an option.   I researched where the reporter had taken some of the dogs and followed his trail to a new partner in Florida.I had to do something.  I created the 2nd Chance at Life: BORDER  DOG RESCUE Partnership.

             I have just hung up the phone after an hour conversation with our new partner Carrie and her rescue in south Florida.  The  NGF  just committed to help support 5 of these BORDER DOGS with their medical problems.    Their bills are astronomical.  Their disease is worse.  Like we have rarely seen in the United States.  We have to be very careful about the diseases they are bringing in.  Imagine what the Immigrants and their children are spreading also.

WOW!  Takes me back to the days HAPPY and I were working at a breeding kennel trying to save hundreds of greyhounds and could only take 12!  It was a terrible time.

The  first day after being rescued was spent removing ticks, fleas, maggots, tapeworms and just trying to get the dogs p bathed enough to take to the vet.   They were pampered with baths and lots of love.  I don’t think they have ever had a clean bed, soft pillow and air conditioning in their miserable lives.  They snuggled down like they were in heaven.  Not one of them understood English, and no one spoke Spanish, but words didn’t matter.  The expression of love is universal.  They are precious. loving and grateful pups with no pain or loneliness in their futures.  Can’t wait to see them change over the next few weeks. 

While greyhounds are my special priority, some of these hopeless animals really touch my heart.  When some of my volunteers were working with the border dogs, I was busy signing up a new greyhound kennel with 14 brood mama’s which we are sponsoring their  care and adopt.  Can’t wait to meet them next week when I meet them in Tennessee.

Many years ago, the National Greyhound Foundation created the 2nd Chance at Life Greyhound and Prison partnership program in order to care for thousands of ‘“throw away” people and greyhounds and other abused animals that no one wanted.  That partnership was so successful that it opened the door to other partnerships. 

During this scary world situation, the National Greyhound Foundation is determined to help in the best way we know how:  continuing to forge new partnerships with the intent of saving innocent animal lives and giving hope to their owners. 

Whenever we do an emergency  fundraiser like this, partnering with those “boots on the ground” rescue  people, 50% of the money raised goes to the greyhounds and their 2nd Chance at Life programs and the remaining money is used to help the emergency needs of our partnerships. 

 We provide cash assistance, food, transportation, medical and other animal services with partners as needed.

But we cannot do it alone.

Will you join us, and help us provide pet food, medicine, transportation costs, an rescue these BORDER DOGS and adopt them into a new home. 

I know that you are like me, and have a special place in your heart for greyhounds, but will also feel the pain of these other abandoned animals.

HAPPY’S life taught us that no one’s life is “throw away.”’

The United States is enduring the most horrific catastrophe that can happen to a country, and it will leave a lasting mental health and animal death toll in its wake. 

As you and I know, a pet is an invaluable companion during life’s most difficult moments.  My husband’s greyhound POPPY, even though  heart broken like he was at the loss of FERD, his soulmate and my husband, absolutely has helped me through this greatest life challenge I have personally experienced. 

I Know a pets value.  And that is why the National Greyhound Foundation is committed to Helping the Border Dogs be rescued from starvation and hopelessness by feeding and finding them new homes.

That is why I am asking for your urgent help and partnership once again. Let’s take a look at some of the work we’ve started

Meet some of HAPPY’s new friends!

CHARLIE needed cancer surgery.  Dr. Z had rarely seen such pain and misery in a dog.  She diagnosed it had come from sexual transmission while in the wild.  He will also need kEMO to kill the cancer.

However, in my research, I may have found a technique used on Charlie, that will identify cancer in greyhounds before they even know it is there, and could possibly save thousands of greyhounds from that dread disease!  See, already BLESSINGS has come out of our helping others.

POGO got adopted immediately and went home to learn English with his new family

GIBBS/JUSTICE had to have one eye removed, his infected tail partially amputated and numerous blood transfusions because of his blood problems.  (I Know how he feels as  I just got three transfusions because of anemia!)

And then there was MAMA.  We nearly lost her.  She had emergency female surgery because of a severe infection. She loves her caregivers and gives them all the kisses she can with her loving heart.  Her blood is improving with each transfusion, but she really needs help to keep surviving.  A special donation in your name would be appreciated.  Along with our new greyhound mama’s!

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If the pictures and stories of these animals have touched your heart, please know that there are thousands more that need our help. 

That is why I hope that you will send back an urgent gift of  the same amount of your previous gift  in order to help those in great need at this critical moment in time.

Or if you are so blessed, perhaps you could give even more in memory of one of your loved ones.

Any gift directly impacts the amount of animals that can be saved.

The importance of your support cannot be underestimated.

Your gift gives those in need a second chance at life!

Won’t you honor HAPPY’S memory with an urgent gift of $50 or more today?

Thank you for considering this very urgent request.  I personally wish you and yours a most blessed holiday season and all of the National Greyhound Foundation’s volunteers and partners give a SHOUT OF ‘“THANK YOU too”.


Beverly Sebastian

Founder, National Greyhound Foundation

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