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Greyhound Adoption and Rescue:

Welcome to the National Greyhound Foundation, we rescue and adopt retired racing greyhounds.

Greyhound Adoption

Greyhounds Love Bears
The life blood of rescuing and adopting greyhounds is getting the word out as to their plight. So once we have rescued the greyhounds we start our greyhound adoption program in motion. This is done by incorporating our years of experiences in media production and placement. A person can not adopt a greyhound that he or she does not know about.

Greyhound Rescue

Phoney Jonie and a Friend
To find the perfect greyhound forever home is the first consideration. We want to be sure that a person really wants to adopt a greyhound. We want the perfect match so that the greyhound is a loving part of the household. Many people adopt a greyhound because they are sorry for the dog and do not want to see them destroyed. That is not the reason to adopt. That is the reason to support. If you adopt a greyhound out of pity you will soon be wondering why did I do this? I really did not want a dog. So the rescued greyhound is returned.

There are many costs involved in rescuing greyhounds. Transportation, medical expenses and media cost to name a few. So do not feel bad if you can not adopt a greyhound. You can be of great help in rescuing the greyhound and helping us find the right forever home through your financial support.

Check out our programs in rescuing greyhounds, adopting greyhounds, informing the public about greyhound rescue and adoption, or getting a trained greyhound. Plus we will also answering questions about anything you wish to know about getting and living with an adopted greyhound or help with your person greyhound, so you and your new friend can have the best life together.

Featured Items:

Gift of Life
Greyhound Gift CardYour donation will help give the gift of life to hundreds of greyhounds waiting for a 2nd chance at life. Click here to order a gift card now.

donate to greyhoundsHelp us in our efforts to rescue greyhounds, provide medical care for rescued greyhounds, train rescued greyhounds and find adoption placements for greyounds. Click here to donate now.

greyhound rescue
Greyhound RescueOur main objective IS to rescue greyhounds. With your help we will assist any and every greyhound we can. Click here for more information about our greyhound rescue efforts.

greyhound adoption
adopt a greyhoundGreyhound Adoption efforts provide a happy home and harmonious end result to all of our efforts. Click here for more information about greyhound adoptions.

greyhound prison training program
greyhound trainingWe are training prisoners to train rescued greyhounds! Great results for both the greyhound and the prisones. Click here for more information about greyhound prison training programs.

transporting greyhounds
transporting greyhoundsGetting greyhounds from rescue points to medical care to training programs and eventually to adopted homes requires a lot of moving around. Click here for more information about our greyhound transportation efforts.

greyhound training
greyhound rescue trainingHow do you best train a Retired Racing Greyhound? Our Greyhound Training is different. We call it love training. Click here for more information about greyhound training.

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